The care provided for adult cancer survivors in Sweden is unequal and dependent on geographical location.

Sweden is divided into 21 counties, which have formed six regions where several of these counties cooperate. Many locations are dependent on individual driven spirits to provide care, which make the system vulnerable. Further, there’s a need for the counties’ different digital systems for medical records to be able to communicate.

Eventually, there’s a hope that the Swedish systems would be able to communicate with other national systems as well. Prof. Hägglund is uncertain if the state should be involved more but feel that it’s a given to take joint decisions, and to implement them equally. Making use of the different national records for cancer survivors, like Salub’s register, is paramount as it allows the healthcare providers to see which treatments might cause a certain complication later, and potentially prevent it in future patients.

Although the new national care program was launched relatively recently, it’s also a matter of budgeting and priorities