OACCUs aims at improving survivors’ quality of life by connecting stakeholders at a European level and through a healthy lifestyle changes that are based on four core elements:

• physical activity and outdoor sports;
• balanced nutrition;
• sustainability and nature;
• physical and mental well-being.

With the help of the OACCUs Network Toolbox young Europeans who were once diagnosed with cancer will be able to live a mentally and physically healthy and future-oriented life.

OACCUs pursues the idea of establishing a network of young cancer survivors and of training them, their families and friends as well as professionals working with survivors as ambassadors in each of the participating countries. OACCUs’ main outputs will be:

• A lively and self-sustained youth network;
• Training of numerous ambassadors as facilitators to support and further develop the network;
• Provision of the OACCUs Network Toolbox to engage and connect youth participants.

13 partners from six EU Member States have come together to pursue this goal in a project co-funded by the European Union for an EU-wide Network for Young Cancer Survivors (Grant Agreement 101056984).