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    • Amar Purišević Leukemia survivor

      Amar Purišević


      I am 23 years old and from Bosnia and Herzegovina, I have finished IT Academy in the Video and Audio Design department. In my country, I work as a tourist guide and in my free time, I write music and learn Spanish and German. I’m looking forward to being an ambassador, to all new friends and experiences.

    • Ana-Ecaterina Amariutei


      I’m a cancer survivor, a patient advocate and a biomedical science researcher. I was still in school in Romania when I was diagnosed with cancer and since finishing my treatment I have been involved in several advocacy and lab-based research projects

    • Shapiro breast cancer survivor

      Anat Shapiro


      Hi, I’m Anat Shapiro, a mother of 2, partner and entrepreneur from Tel Aviv. Since my breast cancer diagnosis at age 37, I’ve been an avid AYA patient advocate, creating a few initiatives together with Halasartan, among them a podcast named “the disease”, initiating Israel’s first community based survivorship clinic, writing a book for healthcare providers and leading 7 digital communities for young cancer patients and survivors.

    • Andrea Ruano


      Ewing Sarcoma survivor, Spaniard, Art director & Graphic designer, based in the UK, member of the Steering Committee of Youth Cancer Europe. Photography and cheese lover, proud owner of a golden leg.

    • Andrijana Serafimovska

      • Female
      • North Macedonia

      My name is Andrijana Serafimovska. I am from Skopje, N. Macedonia and I am 25 years old.

    • Aneta Žáčková


      I am a 24-year-old student from Czechia. During cancer treatment, I rethought my life and found beauty in maths, which I’m doing at university. I love hiking, Czech folklore, and theatre (especially opera) and I take my coffee very seriously.

    • Ania Buchacz


      Rhabdomyosarcoma survivor, patient advocate with strong focus on Quality of Life for CAYAS and Cross Border Healthcare. Member of the Steering Committee of the Youth Cancer Europe. Founder of Fundacja Pani Ani. Psycho oncologist.

    • Anna Zettl

      Anna Z#2702

      I am happy and proud to be a patient advocate, ambassador and researcher at the medical university of Vienna and I hope that we can help shape the future for CAYA cancer patients and survivors.

    • Anouk Schroeder

      Anouk Schroeder#0429

      I want to help spread the notion of cancer survivors and their needs i this world. And give something back to a community who helped me through my hardest years.

    • Aoife Moggan

      Aoife Moggan#9316

      I’m Aoife from Ireland. I was diagnosed with a spinal Astrocytoma at 13 and have been a frequent flyer in the medical system ever since. This is a role I am very passionate about, a passion I will carry into my role as an Ambassador.

    • Aušrinė Kėvalaitė


      I am an oncopsychology student from Lithuania. I really love my studies, nature, animals and bees, it is the reason that I decided to become a beekeeper.

    • Bojan Ristovski


      As a Digital Marketer by day and event organizer, traveller, & youth cancer advocate in my spare time. I’m always going somewhere or doing something. If you need someone to talk to or just to ask a question feel free to reach out.

    • Bradley Gudger

      A two-time cancer survivor, Brad is one of Youth Cancer Europe’s Steering Committee members, and the Founder and Director of Alike. Alike is an innovative charity created to combat loneliness and isolation caused by cancer.

    • Carina Schneider


      Today a passionate patient advocate, Carina was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma at the age of 17. Experiencing the lack of adequate long-term follow-up care, she became active in patient advocacy in 2009.

    • Carmen Monge-Montero

      • Female
      • Netherlands
      Carmen M#7612

      I am a day-dreamer, scientist, and foodie from Costa Rica/NL. I love to learn from people around the world, and have insightful conversations, normally with a good cup of coffee.

    • Cherine Mathot


      I work for PanCare and Vereniging Kinderkanker Nederland, for survivors in The Netherlands and in Europe and together with other organizations to help improve their quality of life through psychosocial care.

    • Colette Ryan


      I live in a rural area in the sunny South East in Ireland. Having lived in Canada for a couple of years, I moved home following my first diagnosis. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and an incidental finding of thyroid cancer at 31/32.

    • Elena Arsenie-Constantinescu

      • Female
      • Romania
      Elena Arsenie-Constantinescu#5487

      Cancer Patient Advocate. Love to bring an impact in society and in people’s life by leading educational projects, teaching, training and motivating. Highly passionate about marketing, design and project management.

    • Eline Van der Meulen

      • Female
      • Netherlands

      28, living in Amsterdam (yes, available as tour guide 😉 ), studied biomedical- and health sciences and now working as project leader and research coordinator.

    • Emilija Gimžauskaitė-Česlevičienė


      I am a person for whom improvement is very important. I love to try new things, meet new people and find the good in everything.

    • Erik Sturesson

      Erik Sturesson#4368

      Got Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (T-cell) at age 15 in November 2003. Been living with chronic fatigue, anxiety, PTSD, and depression in combination with other physical issues ever since. Active in the cancer community and YCE since 2017.

    • Glenn Fletcher brain cancer survivor

      Glenn Fletcher


      Having cancer as a young adult has changed the goals and directions I thought I’d be taken. Cancer has forced me on a new path where I have found personal growth and meaning. For better or worse, it has made me the man I have become.

    • Hanna Rabin Breast cancer survivor

      Hanna Rabin


      I was an insecure girl, I thought I didn’t have many friends, that I was stuck in life and would never achieve anything. Then cancer came at the age of 30 and changed my life. I discovered that I have great powers and great ideas and also that I have a supportive and loving environment around me. Happy to be a patient advocate and to promote awareness to the special needs of CAYA patient.

    • Hannah Gsell Beat cancer ambassador. Cancer survivor

      Hannah Gsell


      I am a 31-year-old psychologist and survivor from Austria. I was diagnosed with ALL at the age of 14. Since 2012, I have been active at the national level as a patient representative for Survivors Austria, and since 2019 also at the EU level.

    • Ioannis Akermanidis


      I am Ioannis from Greece, a Non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivor, currently working as a pediatric nurse and also advocating childhood and adolescent cancer survivors needs with NGO “Karkinaki”. In my free time, I enjoy being with friends and sports.

    • Iva Korović

      • Female
      • Montenegro

      I am a double-time survivor and currently a student of International Relations and Political Science at the University of Montenegro. I speak 6 languages and enjoy reading, creatively expressing myself, cooking and travelling.

    • Jaap Den Hartogh


      I’m a patient advocate since 2012. First I worked for the Dutch Childhood Cancer Organisation, and now I’m working for the Princess Máxima Center in Utrecht. My main focus is on survivor issues. I studied theology and religious studies.

    • Jerome Duikers lymphoma survivor

      Jerome Duikers


      My dream is to make society more inclusive and to help all young people who have to go through the same ordeals I did when I was 13 and 17.

    • Jorge Alberto, Guzman Maldonado Testicular cancer survivor

      Jorge Alberto, Guzman Maldonado


      I’m from Chihuahua, Mexico (yup, that’s where the dogs come from) and have been living in Europe, mostly Germany, for around 7 years. I’m a friendly, talkative person that enjoys being part of an international community, learning and sharing knowledge and experiences.

    • Jovana Plavšić Ovarian cancer

      Jovana Plavšić


      I found the beauty of life in observing and celebrating how similar, yet different we are from each other. If you feel the need to make a change – a great beginning is to hug somebody, and I will always greet you with open arms. If you decide to visit Serbia, let me know and I’ll make sure to show you how amazing our culture and tradition is.

    • Karen O´Neill


      I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia as a teenager in 2008. I was treated in a paediatric unit. Since then, I have remained involved with a number of national organizations involved in CAYA cancer care provision.

    • Ketiona Malolli


      I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on my left arm when I was 13 years old and my arm was amputated when I was 15. I am member of the Greek organisation for survivors of childhood cancer since 2021. I am interested in late effects and as a psychologist I coordinate a psychotherapy group of young survivors dealing with all those effects. The last year my goal has been to take part and be present in the discussions that take place on a European level regarding those issues.

    • Lāsma Nikolaisone Colorectal cancer survivor

      Lāsma Nikolaisone


      I’m a young adult cancer patient, diagnosed in my early thirties with a disease often considered a senior disease. I became a patient advocate to raise awareness of the increasing incidence of early onset cancer and the rights of patients to be diagnosed early, not misdiagnosed because of their age, and treated appropriately according to the needs of young patients. I’m also sure that we deserve the best possible quality of life after cancer treatment, and I’m going to work on that too.

    • Lisa Goerens


      Due to my cancer journey, I chose to study medicine. My motivation was the doctors that supported me during my treatment. As a survivor, I want to raise awareness for childhood cancer and fight for a better quality of life for survivors,

    • Lucie Štrublová

      • Female
      • Czechia

      I am 31 years old, I have a degree in nutrition and I work in an outpatient clinic for late effects as a nutritional therapist, I do research and I have a little 3-year-old daughter Anita at home.

    • Magdalena Jaworska

      • Female
      • Poland

      I’m good at promotion and communication, especially in sports. I’m a cancer survivor and I love paella. Organized chaos is kind of my thing.

    • Maria Totovina Ana

      Ana Totovina#8536

      My name is Ana. I’m a cancer survivor from Romania. I’m working for Youth Cancer Europe and Little People Romania. I had treatment for leukaemia 10 years ago. My passion is dancing and playing the piano.

    • Marie-Therese Gubi


      My illness taught me to appreciate health much higher, and even more the people who supported me. One of my goals is not only to provide good care to patients as a doctor but also to act as an advocate for them.

    • Mariosa Grace-Churchard

      • Female
      • Ireland

      I’m 25 a cancer survivor, board member and treasurer of CanTeen Ireland. I can’t wait to meet other people and hear about other people’s experience and help create ways for people to transition from surviving to living.

    • Martine Kvarstein Ouren Lyphoma survivor

      Martine Kvarstein Ouren


      I am a 29-year-old woman living in Norway, working as a coordinator in Ung Kreft (Young Cancer). When I was 15, I went through treatment for cancer, but today I work full time, and have a beautiful family.

    • Maximilian Buettner Lymphoma survivor

      Maximilian Buettner


      Cancer survivor and patient advocate for German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer and German Hodgkin Study Group (GHSG). Eager to shape the AYA cancer care for today’s and future patients and survivors for the better.

    • Mel Elizabeth lymphoma and Basal cell carcinoma survivor

      Mel Elizabeth


      Survivor of Anaplastic Large T-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma, and Basal Cell Carcinoma. Currently living with the rare disease Lymphomatoid Papulosis. Born in the USA and living in Denmark working in the life sciences as a research coordinator. Lover of art, music, traveling, and nature.

    • Michael Severinac


      An ardent patient advocate who uses his childhood cancer experience to advocate and change things around for childhood cancer patients and survivors. Associate in the implementation of projects and activities in Croatia.

    • Hrad Natalia Hodgkin Lymphoma survivor

      Nataly Hrad


      Hi! I am Nataly and I am a person with and beyond cancer experience. I love my profession, travelling and reading. My moto of my Life is: “I cannot add years to my life. But it’s me who chooses how to live them up!”

    • Nicola Unterecker

      Nicola Unterecker#8214

      Patient and Mental Health Advocate. Animal and nature lover. Here to change and shape the AYA cancer care for today’s and future patients and survivors for the better.

    • Oriana Sousa


      After my lived experience of surviving rare cancer, I am involved in different initiatives to bring the patients’ voices and improve their quality of life and access to personalise treatments and care. I am a psychologist, a happy married woman.

    • Sara Lassfolk


      Cancer threw my life into a spin that continued even after the end of treatments. I count myself lucky to have found help even though it took time and a lot of struggling.

    • Šarūnas Narbutas


      Diagnosed with a type of rare blood cancer at the age of 18. Still taking medication daily, not in a remission, but very close to it. In patient advocacy for over a decade. Co-founder and Chairman of YCE, Chief Advisor to POLA.

    • Sonia Silva

      Sonia Silva


      Law & Marketing student with a fondness for everything Psychology; Skilled multitasker and Freelancer Event planner, and Part-time singer. Brunch and Mimosas are life!

    • Sophia Sleeman

      • Female
      • Netherlands

      Sophia works for the Dutch AYA ‘Young & Cancer’ Care Network, contributing to the improvement and dissemination of age-specific health care for cancer patients between 18 – 39 years old

    • Tiago Pinto da Costa


      Childhood cancer survivor and patient advocate at ACREDITAR. Engaged in long-term follow-up care of childhood cancer survivors, their socio-economic rights and topics related to adolescents and young adults (AYA) with cancer.

    • Tim Van Hoorenbeke


      Tim is a patient advocate since 2019 and is heavily involved in the AYA movement in Belgium. Friends describe him as a very energetic and positive person. Through ambassadorship, he hopes to improve AYA cancer care throughout Europe.

    • Vanessa Karaivanova


      I am a childhood cancer survivor and a patient advocate from Sofia, Bulgaria. I hope one day patients from Eastern Europe will have equal care, access to treatment and follow-up care as children and adolescents from Western European countries.

    • Victor Girbu

      Victor Girbu

      • Male
      • Moldova

      Lawyer and cancer survivor from Moldova, currently based in Bucharest. In 2020 received the Young Person of the Year Award in Moldova. Member of the WHO Youth Council (NCD working group) and leading EDI work within EU-CAYAS-NET.

    • Zuzana Tomasikova

      • Female
      • Slovakia

      CCI Europe committee member and co-lead of the strategic pillar on Survivorship. Actively involved in survivors community since 2007. Former osteosarcoma patient. Manager of the Competence centre for Survivorship issues by Childhood Cancer Switzerland.

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