People who were treated for cancer as children can sometimes experience problems for a long time. The purpose of this website is to provide good and clear information about the long-term effects of childhood cancer and to refer to the various late-effects outpatient clinics (LATER outpatient clinics) that exist in the Netherlands.

The information is primarily written for (parents of) survivors of childhood cancer, but other people involved can also read more about the possible (long-term) consequences of specific treatments for childhood cancer. This site offers a late effects search engine. You can look up information about late effects that may be important for your situation.

If you click on a treatment in the first column, you will see an overview of the possible late effects of that treatment appear. Click on the late effect you want to know more about, and then on “more information”.

This website also contains the Dutch LATER Guideline, a guideline developed in 2010 which provides a blueprint for adequate and evidence-based LTFU care.