Within the PanCare projects PanCareSurFup, PanCareLIFE, PanCareFollowUp and PanCareSurPass many articles are being published.

PanCareSurFup focuses on studies into the late effects of treatment for cancer, guidelines for follow-up and organization of care.

Within PanCareLIFE risks of impairments in female fertility, hearing and in quality of life were evaluated and guidelines for fertility preservation were developed.

PanCareFollowUp looks at how to best deliver LTFU care according to recent guidelines and models for person-centred care. Part of this project is also a creation of PLAIN information and this can also be accessed via this overview of publications made in the projects.

These publications are all open-access and available in full text via the PanCare website.

As these projects are recently finished or still running information on this page will be regularly updated with information on the latest publications and, if possible, updated PLAIN language information.