A Full-Fledged Life Following Successful Treatment. How to Enjoy It in Remission?

Being diagnosed with cancer undoubtedly brings shock to the person’s world. Even when you are in remission, there is uncertainty about the future and the likelihood that the cancer will return. Even if the likelihood is very low, the extraordinary fight against this challenge facing their health makes patients more vulnerable.

It’s not just the various side effects that follow treatment; for some, it’s perhaps the psychological effects that are more draining. Eventually, the body recovers, but can one still enjoy a full-fledged life as much or even more than before?

Of course! You’ve beaten cancer, and here are some tips to help you get back on your feet as you enter this new phase.

Spark old passions

It’s likely that some, or even all, of the activities that bring you joy, have had to be put aside during the grueling treatment period. It’s about time you go back to your passions!

Were you into frequenting exhibitions, plays, and other cultural events? Writing music or poetry? Playing sports? Experimenting in the kitchen? Any old hobby you actively pick back up will give you a sense of inner fulfilment; therefore, we recommend allowing you to indulge in it as often as possible.

Explore new horizons

The constant joy of exploring and discovering is a source of inspiration and a reminder that a richer everyday life could be waiting just around the corner if we dare to take the unknown path. New activities, especially those you were hesitant to pick up or could not see yourself doing before your disease, are more likely to bring out the greatest amount of positive emotions and unlock your inner potential.

Have you always wanted to go on a solo trip? Or perhaps you graduated from art school even though you secretly dreamed of taking dance classes? Maybe your calling is volunteering? Don’t be afraid of exploring yourself and your environment.

Stay in touch with like-minded people

Getting your life back on track is often a hundred percent easier with the help of people who share similar experiences. Those who have beaten cancer have the best understanding of the challenges you faced and where you are now.

If you decide to join a cancer support group, society, or other NGO, you’ll have the opportunity to surround yourself with a supportive community ready to share. They’ll give you both practical tips on feeling more motivated every morning as well as the hope that it really is possible, even if sometimes you start doubting that.

One of the options is our growing community on the Discord platform – feel free to join us anytime you like.

Set yourself realistic goals.

A positive mindset regarding your future is crucial in treatment as well as in remission. There are specific and achievable goals to program your mind; goals that help objectively monitor your growth once they are realized.

No matter how big or small your ambition is, whether it’s to run a marathon, change career direction, return to that long-lost hobby of yours, or be more attentive to your health, don’t forget to be grateful to yourself, not just for progress but also for effort.

If you simply decide to follow this advice and take the time to write down your goals, it will be something you’ve done for yourself.

Nourish your body, soul, and mind

Mindfulness practices (meditation, deep breathing, mindful movement, etc.) cultivate the ability to “attach” to the present moment by observing one’s own thoughts and emotions without judgment, as well as fostering a sense of clarity and inner peace.

Relaxing activities that help maintain inner harmony, like walking outside, reading, or listening to soothing music, have a similar effect. Meanwhile, regular exercise or a healthy diet not only promotes physical health but also increases the levels of happiness hormones in your body.

This creates space for reflection, a deeper connection with the inner self, love, and compassion for oneself, and strengthens one’s resolve and resilience to face challenges.

Living with cancer is not all about survival; it’s also an opportunity to see how inspiring everyday life can be. There are plenty of things to inspire outside the diagnosis! Have no fear and keep your heart and your eyes open; go back to the world – it misses your creativity.

After all, your contribution to successfully facing the difficult challenge is just as important as advanced medicine, experts, or the care of others, right? We bet that if you just have persistent faith and believe in yourself, you’ll break through any ice and get to this much more enjoyable phase.