Quality of Life of Adolescent and Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer in EuropeAdvancements in diagnosing and treating childhood cancer have significantly increased survival rates, leading to a growing population of survivors. However, these survivors often face somatic and mental late effects of cancer and treatment, impacting their quality of life (QoL). Previous studies on QoL in childhood cancer survivors, primarily from North America, produced conflicting results.

To address this, a recent study spanning 2008 to 2022 in Europe evaluated QoL in survivors who had surpassed five years post-diagnosis. This comprehensive analysis of 36 articles involving 14,342 survivors revealed that most survivors reported lower QoL compared to their peers. Factors such as being female, undergoing haematopoietic stem cell transplantation, and having a brain tumor diagnosis were associated with reduced QoL.

With an increasing population of childhood cancer survivors, it’s crucial to provide targeted interventions and optimal follow-up care to improve their QoL.