Financial Burden for Caregivers of Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer


This study explores the financial burden among caregivers of young adult (AYA) cancer survivors aged 18 to 39. Participants were caring for AYAs who were currently receiving active cancer treatment or were up to 5 years post‐treatment.

The findings revealed that caregiving can be emotionally and financially challenging. Many caregivers expressed concerns about the high costs of cancer treatments, insurance coverage, and uncertain financial futures for the survivors they care for.

The study also highlighted how caregivers tried to protect the survivors from the stress of financial realities related to cancer. This parental-like protective role can be emotionally taxing for caregivers, but they believe it’s essential for the survivors’ well-being. This is understandable, since most of the participants were the mothers of the patients (83%)

The researchers suggested that healthcare professionals should be aware of these financial challenges and use patient-centered communication to better support both the caregivers and survivors. They also recommended providing resources and assistance to help caregivers navigate complex insurance and financial issues. In addition, further studies should explore long‐term financial burden among caregivers.