Stress & Coping: Insights for Young Adult Cancer Survivors (Ages 18-39)


A study made by Buro et. al explored the needs of young adult cancer survivors, aged 18 to 39, and their coping strategies. Financial struggles, health uncertainties, the burden of medical costs and lack of control over health were major stressors. Black or African American participants also faced racial discrimination, some of them with concern about the future of their families.

Coping methods included “letting go,” faith and/or spirituality, and distractions from stressors. Routines and consistency brought comfort in managing stress and health behaviours.

Young survivors preferred personalized interventions covering diet, physical activity, and stress management since this brings a sense of control over their health. Age played a role too, with younger participants (18-29 years old) stressing about transitioning to adulthood. Older ones ( 30- 39 years old) had additional responsibilities, such as family and career. The study emphasizes tailored support to address unique stressors and preferences for better well-being.