In the symphony of life, each of us has our unique melody, a tune that ebbs and flows through the highs and lows. For cancer survivors, this melody often contains a deeper resonance, a rhythm shaped by unparalleled experiences. In the world of podcasts, where voices carry stories and wisdom across the airwaves, there exists a collection that sings directly to the hearts of those who’ve danced with cancer.

Podcasts for cancer survivors

Here are ten podcasts that resonate with the journey of survival – they are not just a series of episodes, but a chorus of understanding, support, and inspiration.

1. You, Me and the Big C: Putting the can in cancer

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This isn’t just a podcast; it’s a movement. Hosted by individuals who’ve walked the cancer path, it’s a blend of humor, honesty, and hope. Covering everything from diagnosis to dating after cancer, it’s a refreshing take on living with the disease.

2. Cancer Horizons

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Focused on the latest in cancer therapies and stories from survivors, “Cancer Horizons” is for those looking to stay informed about the cutting-edge of cancer treatment and research. It’s educational yet personal, making the complex world of cancer care more accessible.

3. Cancer Actually F*king Sucks**

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The title says it all. Hosted by cancer survivors, this podcast doesn’t shy away from the raw and real aspects of the cancer experience. It’s candid, it’s gritty, and it’s incredibly empowering for anyone who feels like screaming, “Cancer sucks!”

4. Cancer for Breakfast

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Imagine having breakfast with friends who understand exactly what you’re going through. That’s what “Cancer for Breakfast” offers. It’s a mix of personal stories, expert insights, and a lot of heart, all served up in easily digestible episodes.

5. Your Stories: Conquering Cancer

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This one is all about the power of storytelling. Survivors share their journeys, from diagnosis to triumph, offering a diverse range of experiences and perspectives that are both enlightening and inspiring.

6. Talking Cancer

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“Talking Cancer” is a conversation starter. It breaks down the barriers surrounding cancer discussions, offering a platform for survivors, experts, and those taking care of patients to share their insights and experiences.

7. Black Women Rising – The Untold Cancer Stories Podcast

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This podcast sheds light on the often underrepresented voices in the cancer community. It’s a powerful space for Black women to share their unique cancer journeys, offering a blend of support, education, and empowerment.

8. Cleveland Clinic Cancer Advances

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This is for those who seek the forefront of medical advancements in cancer. Presented by the Cleveland Clinic, it offers expert insights into new treatments and research, making cutting-edge science accessible and understandable.


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A dynamic podcast that delves into various aspects of cancer care and management. From patient stories to discussions on healthcare policies and innovations, it’s buzzing with information, support, and inspiration.

10. That Cancer Conversation

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Cancer Conversation, presented by Cancer Research UK, is a thought-provoking podcast created by their digital news team. In every episode, it zeroes in on a crucial topic related to cancer. It’s a journey through the experiences of those impacted by these issues, while also shining a light on the groundbreaking research that is decoding the complexities of the disease.

While each podcast is a unique journey into the world of survival and healing, they all share a common thread of hope and resilience. They’re not just a collection of episodes; they’re a treasure trove of shared experiences, wisdom, and strength. Whether you’re looking for a moment of reflection, a spark of motivation, or a sense of connection, these podcasts are there to accompany you on your journey.

Tune in to find voices that understand, stories that inspire, and a community that embraces every facet of the cancer survivor’s journey.

In your journey as a cancer survivor, the path can sometimes feel solitary. But remember, you’re not alone. Join our online cancer Discord community, a space where we come together to share, support, and uplift each other.