PanCareSurPass is an EU-funded project looking at how to widely implement the digital Survivorship Passport (SurPass) to improve survivorship care for survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer in Europe.

PanCareSurPass will develop, test and implement the SurPass in participating countries. This implementation study will look at survivor empowerment and satisfaction with the digital tool.

Next to this, a prediction model will be developed to help healthcare decision-makers to assess the suitability and costs of the digital survivorship passport. To widen this project to the rest of Europe materials to support the implementation of the SurPass across Europe will be developed.

The explainer video shows a short overview of the content and importance of the project. It gives the background, a short rationale and explains the PanCareFollowUp Care – and Lifestyle Intervention. There is no spoken language to make the video easily understandable for stakeholders all over Europe.