Cancer is the first leading cause of death from non-communicable diseases in children in Europe. Patients’ morbidity increases during cancer treatment due to physical inactivity, cancer-related fatigue, and reduced health-related quality of life. Specifically, adapted exercise training achieved remarkable effects on successful cancer treatment in adults with cancer. A similar effect has not been clearly demonstrated in children and adolescents yet. This is where FORTEe steps in to promote exercise therapy, which aims to make young patients stronger for fighting childhood cancer.

FORTEe research goals are to:
• Conduct world’s largest, randomised and controlled FORTEe clinical trial
• Evaluate the personalised and standardised exercise interventions
• Create high evidence for an innovative, patient-centred exercise treatment
• Use digital, innovative technologies to create effective, age-adapted and personalised exercise trainings
• Pool and connect the leading expertise on a European level
• Promote exercise oncology and stimulate translational research
• Implement paediatric exercise oncology as an evidence-based standard in clinical care for all childhood cancer patients across the EU and beyond.

The EU-funded FORTEe project (Grant Agreement 945153) will evaluate a personalised and standardised exercise intervention for children and adolescents undergoing anti-cancer treatment.