Information Brochure- School for Children With Cancer

This guide is designed to be practical. Here you’ll find a series of fact sheets providing clear, concise information on the disease, treatment and other related topics. The authors also included several teaching activities to help students express themselves and put their emotions into words, so that together with their teachers they can find concrete ways to support and encourage the affected student throughout his or her treatment.

There is no rigid pattern. Every student is different, every cancer is different, every class is different. It’s impossible to predict with any certainty how a sick student’s treatments and hospitalizations will go. It’s a question of adapting, step by step, the information given in class, but also the means used to support the absent pupil, according to the evolution of his or her situation. We advise you to be cautious, not to make hasty announcements or draw conclusions too quickly. Instead, gather information and then adapt and channel it, before communicating it to all concerned. For the sick child and those around him it’s more important than ever for the teacher to be present.

The guide is in divided into the following chapters:
1. The sick student
2. Classmates
3. The teaching team
4. The parents
5. Ten tips to remember
6. Educational activities
7. Conclusion
8. Medical Information (e.g., on cancer and cancer treatment)