Get Ready 2Work - increase the employment of disadvantaged young people

The project “Get Ready 2 Work” aims to improve the labor market in Bulgaria. For this purpose, successful models from Austria and Germany for key competencies training and programs for active inclusion and social integration of young people will be examined and transferred. The website is not specific to survivors of childhood or adolescent cancer but contains relevant information as they form part of the target group of young people in disadvantaged social situations. The project focuses on the prevention for those at risk of dropping out of school, motivation and activation of young people, and support for employers. In this sense, the specific objectives of the project are:

  • For disadvantaged young people:
    • Comprehensive career orientation
    • Development and improvement of personal, social, and organizational skills
    • Improving skills and the ability to search for work independently
  • For human resource management experts:
    • Improving the skills needed to successfully integrate young people into the company through specialized training
    • External professional support (coaching) during the first phase of employment young people
  • For trainers and career counselors
    • Improving their understanding of the problems of young people in socio-economic disadvantage
    • Developing their knowledge and skills to prepare human resource professionals on how to most effectively support disadvantaged young people in the company
    • Enriching their knowledge and skills with new methods to motivate unemployed people