A Groundbreaking Guide to Harnessing the Power of Self-Healing: “Mind Over Medicine” by Dr. Lissa Rankin

In this New York Times bestseller, now revised and updated with the latest scientific and spiritual insights, Dr. Lissa Rankin offers readers a profound exploration of the body-mind connection and provides practical guidance on how to listen to their bodies. This holistic approach extends beyond the physical realm to encompass all facets of life: relationships, psychological well-being, creativity, environmental factors, and professional pursuits. By understanding and addressing these areas, individuals can unlock the secrets to true health and well-being.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., an OB/GYN physician and bestselling author, celebrates the awakening of the next generation of physicians to what she calls “real medicine”—a form of healing that acknowledges our innate power to heal and thrive. In “Mind Over Medicine,” Dr. Lissa Rankin shares her remarkable journey of personal health restoration and the discovery that conventional healthcare was missing a vital component: an awareness of the body’s inherent capacity to self-repair and the recognition of how we can activate these self-healing mechanisms through the power of our consciousness.

Dr. Rankin’s exploration led her to delve into peer-reviewed medical literature, where she unearthed evidence demonstrating that the medical establishment had been validating the body’s ability to heal itself for over five decades. Her groundbreaking findings culminated in a practical plan for readers to embark on their own healing journeys, making this book an instant classic for individuals seeking recovery from illness, injury, or trauma.

In this revised edition, “Mind Over Medicine” reflects Dr. Rankin’s ongoing research, evolving wisdom, and her experiences working with clients, students, and healthcare professionals through her Whole Health Medicine Institute. Readers can anticipate:

A comprehensive update of Dr. Rankin’s signature Six Steps to Healing Yourself.

Fresh insights into how unresolved trauma may obstruct healing from chronic and life-threatening conditions, along with powerful tools to address and heal it.

Guidance on tapping into the Inner Pilot Light for intuitive healing guidance.

This book invites readers to embrace the possibilities of healing that lie within, ready to be accessed and harnessed. Dr. Rankin’s message is clear: healing is closer than we think, available to those willing to humble themselves before this profound potential and accept what awaits them.