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    The Truth about Cancer What You Need to Know about Cancer's History, Treatment, and Prevention

    Ty M. Bollinger

    The Truth about Cancer: What You Need to Know about Cancer’s History, Treatment, and Prevention

    ISBN 978-1401952259


    (500 ratings)


    (2,563 ratings)

    Introducing the newly released paperback edition of a groundbreaking bestseller by one of healthcare’s most impassioned advocates, offering crucial insights into cancer prevention, treatment, and survival.

    After enduring the heart-wrenching loss of seven family members to cancer within a decade, Ty Bollinger embarked on a worldwide exploration to uncover a wealth of knowledge about cancer treatments and the medical industry surrounding this affliction. In his compelling book, he unveils an array of cancer-fighting methods that extend far beyond the conventional trio of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, methods that have remained largely under the radar. Now, available in paperback for the first time, “The Truth about Cancer” delves into the historical roots of medical practices, harkening back to the principles embodied by Hippocrates, who espoused the oath of “doing no harm.” Additionally, it presents cutting-edge research highlighting the effectiveness of numerous unconventional cancer treatments that have been transforming the lives of patients worldwide. Within these pages, you’ll explore the intricate political landscape of cancer, distinguish between the facts and myths surrounding its origins, and discover a vast spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic tools at our disposal.

    Whether you are currently grappling with a cancer diagnosis, seeking ways to complement your ongoing conventional treatment, or working within the healthcare field and eager to broaden your knowledge for the benefit of your patients, this book will expand your horizons. Through a tapestry of real-life success stories, it will inspire and illuminate, casting cancer in a new, empowering light.

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