Fear of Cancer RecurrenceThe end of cancer treatments reveals a set of complex emotions, where fear plays a very evident role. Recurrence is one of the most frequently identified fears of adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer survivors. Although it is natural to be worried about future and the possibility of a cancer recurrence, an exacerbated worry can affect AYA´s quality of life and hinder their ability to accomplish long-term goals and plans. Despite an increased risk for AYA cancer patients of developing another cancer, that risk is still small, and only 1-3 % of survivors relapse later in life. Understanding how to manage anxiety and make adjusted and healthy choices helps to increase confidence and gain a feeling of security about survivorship.

Roswell Park – Comprehensive Cancer Center proposes 7 tips to AYA survivors to cope with fear of recurrence:

1) Identify Your Triggers – learn what triggers your anxiety;
2) Give Stress a Time Limit – Take a minute, an hour, or a day to immerse yourself in these stressful emotions;
3) Talk About It – let your family and friends know how you are feeling;
4) Focus on Wellness – Focus on things you can control like nutrition and exercise;
5) Consider Counseling – Seek for a mental health professional who can help you to find strategies to cope with anxiety;
6) Be Patient with Yourself – for most people, fear of recurrence gets better over time;
7) Get Regular Check-ups – Maintain consistent appointments with your oncologist for screening and evaluation.

Learn more: https://www.roswellpark.org/cancertalk/201411/fear-cancer-recurrence-7-ways-ayas-cope