We all know that cancer can affect all areas of life and simply changes everything. One topic that is just as much a part of this, but unfortunately is almost never discussed, is sexuality and intimacy.

And no, it’s not just cancers of the reproductive organs that change or affect your sex life. The various cancer therapies can have an impact on the intimate and relationship life of those affected and confront couples with major challenges. Everyday life and intimate life are turned upside down by stressful therapies, but also by their (long term) consequences. This leads to insecurities among those affected with regard to their sexual attractiveness and sexuality.

Sexuality is generally a taboo subject in society and often neglected in cancer treatment. People often find it difficult to address issues of sexual health, even though it plays an important role in our emotional relationships and well-being. As a result, sexuality is still a neglected topic in cancer treatment, and the impact of the disease on sexuality is pushed to the background in favor of therapeutic efficiency.

Sex life can change temporarily or forever! But that doesn’t mean that childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer survivors can’t have a fulfilling sex life or a good relationship with their own bodies.

In our webinar “Sexuality & Intimacy and Young Cancer Survivors” we want to address all these topics without taboos and exchange ideas with Health Care Professionals, but also within the survivors community and prove ourselves once again: We are never alone with our topics!

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