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    EU-CAYAS-NET Community Pledge

    The Community Pledge applies to all users, including moderators, staff and administrators of EU-CAYAS-NET’s Discord Community and is the guiding document for moderators in determining what content and behaviour is appropriate in this space.

    Welcome to the European Network of Young Cancer Survivors’ Discord Community!

    We are thrilled to have you as a member of our growing community, and we want to take a moment to introduce you to our Community Pledge. This document outlines the principles and expectations that guide our interactions within the Discord Community.

    Your commitment to our Community Pledge contributes to a brighter and more empathetic virtual space for all. Please read the Community Pledge.

    How Can Our Discord Community Help You?

    1. Peer Support: We will provide a safe space for you to share your experiences, and listen to other users’ shared experiences, as well as provide emotional support. Please note, this community server is meant to be used by those 18 years of age and older only.

    How Can Our Community Not Help?

    Although we want to help everyone in our community, there are things we cannot assist with.

    1. Donations/Financial Support: We don’t have the ability to assist financially with
      treatments or other expenses related or unrelated to treatment.
    2. Medical diagnosis or advice: As we are not medical professionals, we are unable to provide medical advice or provide diagnosis, nor can users expect to receive such advice from the community. If you have any concerns or worries, please speak with your healthcare provider team.

    Creating a Welcoming and Respectful Community Together

    This Community Pledge is all about one important thing: reminding us to work together for an online space that is not only informative but also empathetic, respectful, and empowering. By agreeing to this pledge, you are helping to create a welcoming place where young cancer survivors and their supporters can connect, share stories, and find comfort in the company of like-minded individuals

    Supportive and Respectful Atmosphere

    At the heart of our pledge lies the recognition of the value of every single member. We believe that each person who joins our Discord Community brings a unique perspective, experience, and voice that enriches our discussions and interactions. We emphasise the importance of creating and maintaining a safe, supportive, and respectful atmosphere that encourages everyone to express themselves freely without any fear of judgement or discrimination.

    What Does This Mean?

    By agreeing to this pledge, you’re making a commitment – once and if ever you’re ready or able to actively, (which is optional) to participate in the group conversations and/or send private messages on the Discord Community, to do so with a positive and informative approach. You are agreeing to treat every member of our Discord Community with kindness, respect, and understanding and avoid any dialogue that belittles or causes harm. Whether you’re seeking advice, sharing your journey, or simply engaging in friendly discussions, your input plays a pivotal role in shaping the positive tone of our Discord Community.

    As we embark on this journey together, we encourage you to take these principles to heart and integrate them into the essence of your interactions.This pledge isn’t just a set of rules; it’s an embodiment of the compassion and support that define our community.

    Embracing Diversity and Respect

    We celebrate the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that each member brings to our community. We’re committed to maintaining a respectful atmosphere at all times.
    As a member of the European Network Young Cancer Survivors’ Discord Community I agree to:

    • engage in conversations with respect, empathy and open-mindedness, even when opinions differ
    • uphold the Community Pledge and adhere to any additional guidelines set forth by the organisation in Terms and Conditions.

    Disagreements are natural, but they should never overshadow our shared goal of mutual respect. When we make sure everyone can speak up and be heard, we make a space where each person’s special story becomes part of our shared adventure.

    Maintaining a healthy and positive Communication:

    Our Discord Community thrives on meaningful conversations. We encourage every member of our Discord Community to engage in discussions that contribute positively, avoiding negativity, derogatory language, or personal attacks.

    As a member of the European Network of Young Cancer Survivors’ Discord Community I acknowledge that my words hold power. I’ll choose them thoughtfully to support, uplift, encourage, and inspire others.
    In cases of disagreement, I will address them respectfully, concentrating on the subject without targeting individuals.

    I acknowledge and accept the fact that members of the European Network of Young Cancer Survivors’ Discord Community are coming from different parts of the world and different backgrounds, as such, having diverse points of view will be common.

    Building a caring and Supportive Attitude

    In this Discord community, we stand united in compassion. As a member of the European Network of Young Cancer Survivors’ Discord Community, I pledge to reach out to fellow members with empathy, especially during challenging times. I pledge to create an atmosphere where individuals can open up without fear of judgement.

    I pledge to upload only my own multimedia and documents. If I don’t own the rights or have permission to post a photo or video, I won’t post it. I pledge to be myself, not pretending to be a different person. Catfishing is not allowed in our Discord Community.

    As a member of the Discord Community, I pledge to respect other people on the server. I pledge to be part of the Discord Community’s no tolerance approach to hate speech, rude or abusive behaviour, and bullying. I pledge to behave on our community server as I would in real life.

    I pledge not to share or give medical advice, such as advice on medications or on alternative treatments, to other users. I understand that I am encouraged to share and discuss my experiences of treatment with others, but that treatment is different for everyone and some conversations are best had with health professionals.

    I pledge not to post payment requests on the server.

    Confidentiality and Privacy

    My fellow members’ privacy is paramount. I will always obtain consent before sharing personal information, and be mindful of others’ boundaries and comfort levels.
    Remember that our Discord Community is a semi-public space. Refrain from sharing sensitive details or information that could compromise your or others’ well-being. Uphold the trust within our community.

    Reporting Concerns

    I pledge that if I should come across conduct that goes against our Community Pledge, I will bring it to the attention of moderators. I acknowledge that my welfare is also a primary concern for moderators, and I am accountable for flagging any content or remarks that breach our community’s guidelines. My voice matters, and together, we maintain the integrity of our community. To report an incident I’ll follow procedures included in Terms and Conditions.To make moderators aware of any content I may encounter that violates this Pledge, the rules or the General Terms and Conditions, I can do this by contacting a moderator from our Discord Community directly through direct message and provide

    information of the infringing message, where to find it, who posted it and other potentially important information. Alternatively, I may use the “Report”-feature, (although using this feature will not notify a moderator from our Discord Community but Discord Incorporated’s own moderators.) As such, reporting through direct message to a moderator is encouraged although both methods are acceptable.

    Consequences of Violations

    I understand and accept that if I don’t respect the outlined guidelines in the Community Pledge and in the General Terms and Conditions for the Discord Community, it could lead to consequences.
    I recognize that violating these rules of the Community pledge might result in various outcomes, such as receiving warnings or, in more severe instances, being expelled from the community to maintain our atmosphere of respect and support. This approach aims to preserve the atmosphere of respect and support that characterises our community. Furthermore, I am aware that engaging in illegal activities may result in being permanently banned from the platform and potentially being reported to the relevant authorities.

    The Community Pledge is designed to make our Discord Community a friendly and safe place for all users. We depend on you to honour the pledge to make sure our community is for everyone. If you see something that makes you feel uncomfortable, please let us know. The moderators, staff and administrators are here for YOU, in addition to the community.