The 4th General Assembly (GA) of the EU-CAYAS-NET project, scheduled for March 11th and 12th in Vienna, marks a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts of the project stakeholders. Beneficiaries and representatives from associated partners are anticipated to gather, fostering an environment conducive to the presentation and discussion of the substantial progress made in the various work packages and work steps over the preceding months.

This assembly serves as a pivotal platform for participants to share insights, exchange ideas, and provide updates on the achievements and challenges encountered during the project. The gathering of diverse perspectives from beneficiaries and associated partners contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the project’s overall trajectory.

A key highlight of the event will be a dedicated sustainability workshop. This workshop underscores the commitment of the EU-CAYAS-NET project to ensure the enduring relevance and effectiveness of its platform. By addressing sustainability, participants will actively engage in discussions and strategic planning to guarantee that the project’s outcomes continue to meet the evolving needs of stakeholders long after its formal conclusion.

The sustainability workshop will likely encompass topics such as future funding opportunities, potential collaborations, and strategies to maintain and enhance the project’s impact. By exploring avenues for continued support and development, the workshop aims to lay the groundwork for a seamless transition from project completion to sustained operational success.