The Polish Psycho-Oncology Society is gearing up for an exceptional event on the 15th and 16th of September, as they celebrate the remarkable 30th anniversary of Psycho-Oncology in Poland. This momentous occasion will unfold during the 15th Nationwide Psycho-Oncology Conference, a prominent gathering in Lublin that has been meticulously organized by the #PTPO (Polish Psycho-Oncology Society) in collaboration with the esteemed portal.

A highlight of this event will be the engaging presentation by Ania Buchacz, representing YCE, who will shine a spotlight on the groundbreaking EU-CAYAS-NET project and the transformative Beat Cancer platform. We are both honored and delighted to have received this invitation, and we are eagerly looking forward to contributing to the discourse.

Over the course of these two enriching days, participants will delve into a wide array of discussions, topics, and innovative solutions, all dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and advancing psychosocial care for young survivors (youth and young adults who have undergone cancer treatment).

The event will provide a platform for in-depth exploration of the #eucayasnet project, which promises to usher in significant advancements in this critical domain. For more details about this groundbreaking initiative, you can visit

This milestone event promises to be a significant catalyst for advancing the field of psycho-oncology in Poland, bringing together experts, advocates, and stakeholders to chart a path forward in improving the lives of young cancer survivors and fostering greater resilience in the face of adversity.