In September of this year, Brussels will host the 9th Annual World Cancer Series: Europe, organized by Economist Impact. This two-day conference will feature a lineup of over 90 speakers and will cater to an audience that includes policymakers, healthcare providers, industry frontrunners, scholars, patient associations, and investors.

The agenda for 2023 will expand upon the themes of innovation, equity, and excellence that were central to the previous year’s discussions. These themes are integral to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. With the plan’s execution underway, it is an opportune moment to evaluate how the current state of cancer care in the region aligns with its set objectives. The summit’s purpose is to identify accomplishments and pinpoint areas that require further attention. This, in turn, will bolster the drive towards achieving the goals of the plan.


Presenting an ambitious vision for comprehensive cancer control across Europe, the 9th Annual World Cancer Series: Europe by Economist Impact is set to occur in Brussels this September. Over two days, the conference will host more than 90 speakers, drawing in a diverse audience encompassing policymakers, healthcare professionals, industry leaders, scholars, patient associations, and investors.

Building upon the themes of innovation, equity, and excellence that underscored the previous year, the 2023 agenda will delve into Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. As this plan gains traction, the event aims to assess the actual state of cancer care in the region vis-à-vis its targets. By recognizing accomplishments and highlighting areas that require further attention, the summit will drive momentum toward fulfilling the plan’s goals.

Contextually, speakers will explore investment prospects in cancer care and innovations related to cancer prevention, research, and treatment. Special attention will be dedicated to lung cancer and cancers affecting women, along with a dedicated session on changes in Health Technology Assessment across Europe.

The Economist’s health editorial team will contribute their distinct insights on macroeconomic policies, regulations, and public policies concerning cancer care. Conversations will center around the tangible impact of interventions and initiatives discussed during these sessions on the lives of European citizens.

The event is ideal for attendance by:

  • Policymakers and regulatory authorities
  • Payers and insurance providers
  • Investors and venture capitalists
  • Medical practitioners and healthcare providers
  • Nonprofits and advocates for patients
  • Core themes threaded throughout the conference include:
    • Europe’s strategy for conquering cancer
    • Efforts in prevention, screening, and early detection
    • Advancements in radiation therapies
    • Cancers affecting women
    • Lung cancer
    • Promotion of innovation, equity, and excellence