Patients and caregivers are those who experience how to live with the disease and for that reason, they can disclose specific needs that a researcher might not be aware of. By targeting the unmet needs, patients and caregivers can drive research and enhance the outcomes. In this webinar, interviews are held with a young adult cancer survivor, Maria Lawal, and a researcher, Rachel Taylor, – who have been working together for 12 years.

They shared how they met over a youth-focused branding cancer study (Brightlight young advisory panel), embodying inspirational patient engagement of teenagers and young adult cancer patients. Today, Maria is part of the team, and co-applicant in research projects. Maria’s testimony showcase how adolescents and young adult cancer patients and survivors can become true partners, playing a fundamental role by being involved in research and making a meaningful difference shaping the healthcare system.

As Maria advocates: “Involving patients from the beginning opens a room for a positive change (…) We need each other to work as a community.”