A Letter From the Hospital by adolescent and young cancer survivors

“A Letter from the Hospital” is a 15-minute informational film shot at the Austrian Children’s Hospital St. Anna. It is addressed to teachers, students, parents and anyone who wants to learn more about the situation of students with cancer. The film is in German but has English subtitles.

The film shows a school class receiving a letter from their classmate Hannah. Hannah has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently not at school, but in the hospital. In the letter she tells about her leukemia diagnosis and how she came to the hospital. It is explained very clearly and understandably what cancer is and how the treatment works. In addition, one learns what affected children and their families are burdened with, what life is like in the hospital and afterwards at home. For example, a teacher is shown coming into Hannah’s hospital room and teaching her.

It is very worthwhile to watch the film, because viewers get a realistic picture of the life of a school child with leukemia.