Integrating Childhood Cancer Survivors Into Working Life

The brochure aims to raise awareness among employers about the potential of survivors of childhood cancer, to give them a realistic picture of what to expect when hiring survivors, and to explicitly encourage them to give survivors a chance to develop their personal potential in the workplace. The brochure is intended for human resource managers, CEOs, supervisors, and other leaders in companies and organizations responsible for hiring, onboarding, training, supporting, and mentoring young job seekers. Nevertheless, the information is also relevant for patients and survivors of cancer.

In the brochure you will find:
– Introductory information about childhood cancer
– Basic knowledge about possible late effects of childhood cancer
– Information about the legal framework for the employment of people with disabilities
– Links to further information, advice and support from specialist organizations
– Testimonials and stories directly from survivors of childhood cancer and thus their perspective on cancer and work

Hopefully, the content provided will help alleviate some of the fears and concerns employers have about hiring survivors of childhood cancer, and replace existing misconceptions with a realistic look at the challenges involved, but also the positive potential these young people have for an appropriate workplace.

This brochure was produced by the Create Your Future project team. A project funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. The group consists of professionals from childhood cancer associations, pedagogy, career counseling and human resources consulting. Their goal is to support suvivors of childhood cancer on their way into the labor market. To do this, they develop and implement career counseling approaches that consider the unique challenges of survivors. For a detailed description of the project’s activities, visit

Due to project partnerships the brochure refers legally to Bulgaria, Austria, Spain and Greece and is written in the corresponding languages as well as in English.