Under the auspices of the European Network of Survivors (“EU-CAYAS-NET”), this year the 11th regional convention of young people after treatment for a malignant disease is being held (June 7-9, 2024).

Groups of young people from Croatia, BiH, Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia participate in the convention, because there is no language barrier, we are of similar cultural and socioeconomic status, and we can connect and understand each other very easily. The treatment of a malignant disease leaves many consequences and affects the further life of children and young people, but not much is known about it and it is not talked about.

In Croatia, an outpatient clinic has now been launched to monitor the late consequences of treatment, in Slovenia it has existed for years, in the surrounding countries, organizations that gather young people after treatment for a malignant disease, are trying to start monitoring these consequences, because the quality of life and functionality of these people depend on them.

On 8 of June from 11 a.m., in the Journalist’s House, there will be a panel discussion with representatives of each organization and Dr. Lorna Zaletel from Slovenia and our prof. Jelena Roganović, who runs the clinic for monitoring late effects in Klaićeva. We will exchange experiences, what is the situation in each country, and see the importance and need to more strongly initiate monitoring programs for the late effects of malignant disease treatment, and in what ways this could be initiated.

Group discussions will be held on the topic of transition from the pediatric ward to adults and what the further care of young people looks like with the consequences they bear after treatment.

There will also be a workshop “The impact of a malignant disease in childhood on the education, professional and social life of cured young people”, which will be held by Ana Radunić, a member of the Mladih Krijesnica, and she will present how the disease and treatment affected the patients and their families.