The Pani Ani Foundation once again invites young survivors (AYA – adolescent young adults) after cancer treatment to therapeutic workshops that will take place from May 9th to 12th, 2023, at Ranczo Palomino in Żukowice in the Lisia Góra municipality in the Tarnów district. The project is funded by a grant from the DKMS Foundation and is dedicated to adolescents and young adults after diseases of the blood and lymphatic system. This time the participators will continue the procces from October’s workshops.

The goal of this project is to support young people after cancer treatment by providing them with the necessary tools to name and release emotions related to the disease, improve their quality of life, and increase their independence.

The workshop program developed by the Pani Ani Foundation (FPA) will be led by an experienced team: Prof. Marzena Samardakiewicz, clinical psycho-oncologist, Ania Buchacz, psycho-oncologist, and mental coaches from Mental Vibes that were participating in project’s Train-the-Trainer Program for Education and Career Support in Pediatric Cancer in Vienna.

“Discovering one’s potential and believing in oneself anew is a key element in the healing process,” emphasizes Ania Buchacz, founder of the Pani Ani Foundation and a survivor. “Our 20 years of experience in supporting young people after cancer shows that it is most effective to work in a peer group with similar experiences. The guiding motto of the Pani Ani Foundation – ‘from Survivors to Survivors’ – perfectly captures the most important aspect of the workshops: processing difficult experiences in a safe space full of mutual acceptance and understanding, among people sharing similar emotions. This workshop format addresses the needs of young people.”

Participants will find relaxation and tranquility after the workshop sessions during horse activities led by Jolanta Lubera, a trainer and owner of Ranczo Palomino. Learning and practicing tools for building inner balance will be part of breathing and relaxation sessions conducted by Joanna Niewolik, a holistic wellness coach.


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Young participants in the workshop journey will be accompanied by volunteers – adult mentors for survivors and medical students.

Graphic design and visual notes from the workshop will be taken care of by sketcher Anna Staśkiewicz. The workshop records created by her will serve as a basis for developing an incubator of solutions and a report presenting the needs and challenges of young people after completing cancer treatment, thereby spreading knowledge and best practices in improving the quality of life and mental health of survivors.

As part of the DKMS Foundation grant, a second edition of the workshops is planned for May 2024. The DKMS Foundation grant, which is part of the Polish Transplantology Development and Patient Support Program, is directed towards non-governmental organizations working for patients battling cancer and blood-related diseases.

This year, the funds are awarded for initiatives and projects providing psychological support for hematological patients and their loved ones. More about the initiative can be found at:

The Pani Ani Foundation – Psychotherapeutic Rehabilitation for Children with Cancer has been operating since 2014. The organization’s mission is to support young people and young adults after cancer. They accompany young people (AYA survivors) on their path back to social life, showing that after cancer, they can be active participants in life, function independently in their professional and personal lives, despite the long-term effects of the disease.