Join us on May 17th for a special online presentation on our Discord server, with Little People Romania. This event will highlight the ongoing work and significant contributions of Little People Romania in setting up unique psychosocial standardised services for children, teenagers and young adults affected by cancer. Annually Little People delivers interventions for more than 1000 oncopediatric patients.

About Little People Romania

Little People’s psychosocial patient support services reach the largest number of child and young adult cancer patients in Romania and is the only service provider present in all major regional treatment centres, providing a standardised, consistent approach to the psychological and emotional needs of cancer patient children, young people, and their families. Our full spectrum care provides psychological and emotional social support to the child and its family from the moment of diagnosis: parent education, patient-centred interventions through the award-winning Nu mi-e frică! (I am not afraid!) program for the younger ones and age-appropriate peer-support and specialised interventions for teenagers and young adults, special outings and focus group meetings with survivors, long term follow up care and surveillance after end of treatment, as well as patient education and advocacy training.

A project of Little People, the TEMERARII Club for Romanian cancer survivor teenagers and young adults was founded in 2006 and counts now over 900 members, former patients of all the pediatric oncological units across Romania. The unique cancer community provides specialized support to their needs of coping, successful reintegration into society and support for school re-entry.

Key Highlights

Overview of Programmes: Learn about the structure and objectives of the psychosocial support programmes, which aim to ease the stress of hospitalisation, improve treatment adherence, and enhance the overall wellbeing of young patients.

Encounters: Hear about the moments when children have met various celebrities, which bring a bit of excitement to their recovery process.

Personal Experiences: Hear stories from a cancer survivor who will share her journey and how she volunteered in hospital inspiring current patients to fight and to be brave and what Temerarii Community means.

Temerarii Club: Explore the club designed for teenagers and young adults who are cancer survivors, emphasising peer support and reintegration after treatment.

Interactive Q&A Session: Participate in a Q&A with a representative of the organisation and a survivor, providing insights into their experiences.

Join us on May 17th, 7 PM CET on Discord to learn more about the inspiring work of Little People Romania!