Join us on April 24th to learn more about OUTpatients, Levi K. and Stewart O’Callaghan’s inspiring story about cancer, LGBTIQ+ and advocacy work for the LGBTIQ+ cancer community!

Meet Stewart O’Callaghan

Discover the remarkable journey of Stewart O’Callaghan (they/them), Founder and CEO of OUTpatients, the UK’s leading LGBTIQ+ cancer charity. From their own struggle with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia to founding a patient-led organisation, Stewart’s story is one of resilience and advocacy.

Learn About OUTpatients

OUTpatients is breaking barriers in LGBTIQ+ cancer care. Learn how they advocate for equity, provide peer support, and shape national policies to support the LGBTIQ+ community navigating the cancer journey.

Content Overview

Stewart will share their personal story, discussing the need for LGBTIQ+ person-centred care and highlighting why inclusivity matters in the cancer care landscape. They will delve into the screening inequalities within the LGBTIQ+ community, shedding light on disparities and advocating for equitable access to screenings for all individuals.

Additionally, Stewart will address the different risks for cancer in trans masculine and trans feminine individuals, emphasising the importance of tailored care that considers the unique health needs of each person.

Furthermore, they will discuss the crucial role of educating healthcare professionals in trans matters, ensuring that medical practitioners are equipped with the knowledge and sensitivity required to provide competent care to transgender individuals.  Join Stewart as they provide insightful information on these vital topics and advocate for greater inclusivity and equity in cancer care for the LGBTIQ+ community.

Meet Levi K.:

Join Levi K. (they/them), an active member of the European Network of Youth Cancer Survivors’ community. Levi will share their journey as a trans cancer patient and survivor, debunk myths, and shed light on the importance of representation in cancer narratives.

Additional Insights into Levi’s Journey

With not much time to fully process, Levi’s journey through cancer has been layered with complexities. Amidst other important matters occupying their mind, such as personal identity and societal perceptions, Levi grapples with the ongoing discomfort of being addressed as male despite their non-binary identity.

Having been diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of nine, combined with the challenges many trans people often face, Levi’s path has been one of resilience and self-discovery. As one journey ends with cancer survival, another one begins as they navigate the intricacies of post-cancer life and the ongoing journey towards self-acceptance and understanding.

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