Join us on June 15th, 7 PM CET as we explore the work of our Associated Partner, Fundacja Pani Ani!

About Fundacja Pani Ani

Fundacja Pani Ani is a dedicated support network for adolescents and young adults (AYA) affected by cancer, founded by Ania Buchacz, a patient advocate and childhood cancer survivor. Established in 2004, the foundation leverages over 20 years of experience to help young people reintegrate into social and professional life. The team, primarily composed of young individuals with lived cancer experiences, provides psychotherapeutic support through workshops, camps, and group sessions, fostering a strong community network.

As an associated partner in the EU-CAYAS-NET project, Fundacja Pani Ani collaborates with Youth Cancer Europe and Childhood Cancer International Europe to raise awareness about the long-term effects of cancer treatment and advocate for systemic health solutions. The foundation is also involved in legislative efforts, such as advocating for the “Right to be Forgotten,” to improve the quality of life for cancer survivors and ensure their needs are addressed at governmental levels.

Committed to education and public health awareness, Fundacja Pani Ani addresses the mental and physical health challenges faced by young cancer survivors. Over the years, the foundation has empowered a network of young self-advocates who support each other and actively participate in their health and social lives.

Fundacja Pani Ani – 20 years from survivors to survivors, embracing the power of surviving.