European Cancer Summit Advancing Momentum: A Call to Action by 2030

The uniqueness of this summit is captured in its slogan.

Advancing Momentum‘ underscores our urgency. The EU’s Beating Cancer Plan is an unparalleled opportunity. We’re already rolling out numerous novel initiatives to enhance cancer patient and survivor care. However, our collective efforts must be intensified and expedited. The current term of the EU Parliament concludes next year.

The term ‘a call to action’ pertains to a comprehensive inventory of cancer care priorities and propositions meticulously formulated by the European Cancer Organisation based on inputs from its member societies and patient collectives. This compendium will be unveiled at the summit, aiming to ensure that every contender in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections endorses this roadmap.

‘…by 2030’… We cannot delay. Cancer certainly doesn’t wait. We must establish well-defined milestones for concrete advancements.

If there ever existed an opportune time and venue to rally the European cancer community – this is indisputably it!

Join us on November 15 & 16, 2023. Following that, on the subsequent day, an exclusive invitation-only event, the Special INTERACT Showcase, awaits. Learn more here.