Join us on May 14th to learn more about Cika Boca & MladiCe!

What will they talk about?

During this event, attendees will explore three key programmes developed over the organisation’s 13 years of existence. These programmes emerged as a natural response to current challenges, focusing on activism, social inclusion, and mental healthcare.

Their mission

Cika Boca is on a mission to provide free and tailored support to young people aged 12 to 35 facing cancer-related challenges. Whether it’s their own diagnosis, a family member’s illness, or the loss of a loved one, they offer connection with peers through events and programmes, free counselling and individual support, online support services for both young people and parents, access to valuable information and resources, and psychosocial rehabilitation.

Camp “We Can do Anything”

At the heart of Cika Boca & MladiCe’s initiatives lies their empowering camp, “We Can Do Anything.” This transformative experience offers a diverse array of activities, blending social connection with physical challenges. From team-building exercises to adventurous pursuits, participants are encouraged to push their boundaries and discover their inner strength. Through these shared experiences, attendees forge lasting bonds, gaining resilience and confidence to overcome life’s obstacles.

Mark Your Calendars! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about their journey, their mission, and how you can get involved in making a positive impact. Spread the word and bring your friends along! Together, we can make a difference. Join us on Discord, May 14th, 7 PM!