Ambassador Training Agenda

Training for selected youth cancer Ambassadors that will be closely involved in the project activities. Recruitment of Ambassadors will continue throughout the project. The deadline for this initial Expression of Interest cannot be extended but another call for applicants will follow in early 2023.

What are the requirements to be selected as an Ambassador?
  • An Ambassador should be between 18-39 years of age.
  • An Ambassador is/was treated for cancer between the ages of 0 – 39 and can be in or out of treatment.
  • An Ambassador is preferably involved in a national/regional network and willing to advocate.
  • An Ambassador is able to think and reflect upon the aims of this project from a lived experience point of view.
  • An Ambassador has at least an intermediate level in speaking, writing and reading in English.
  • An Ambassador is willing to speak about the activities of the European Network of Youth Cancer Survivors at external events and share related posts on social media.
What is the remuneration (if any)?

Travel and accommodation costs for Ambassadors participating in EU-CAYAS-NET events will be covered. The time spent participating will not be covered. Selected Ambassadors will receive an agreement that provides details on remuneration.

What is the time commitment?

The EU-CAYAS-NET project runs until August 2024 and will include a number of events covering a broad range of topics. Ambassadors will be invited to attend all events and will be given priority when participants are selected. However, Ambassadors are not expected to attend all events. There will be four in-person events (approx. 16 business days in total) and four online events (approx. four business days).

Ambassadors will also be invited to attend additional in-person and online research meetings, such as focus group discussions. Again, attendance is optional but Ambassadors will be given priority when participants are selected.

To register contact Carina: