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    Anticancer A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber MD

    David Servan-Schreiber MD PhD

    Anticancer: A New Way of Life

    ISBN 978-0670021642


    (5.236 ratings)


    (2,603 ratings)

    The groundbreaking and New York Times bestselling manual for implementing powerful lifestyle adjustments that combat and prevent cancer—a comprehensive strategy rooted in the latest scientific findings.

    “An intuitive roadmap for fostering a healthy life.” — Chicago Tribune

    “Resonating with cancer support communities and endorsed nationwide.” — Los Angeles Times

    “Life-affirming… brimming with pragmatic counsel.” — The Seattle Times

    David Servan-Schreiber was a promising neuroscientist overseeing his own brain imaging lab when, during an equipment test, he stumbled upon a tumor the size of a walnut in his own brain. Confronted with what the medical field knew about cancer, as well as its many mysteries, Servan-Schreiber summoned his determination to live and embarked on a quest to unravel the intricate inner workings of the body’s innate cancer-fighting capabilities. This marked the beginning of a decades-long odyssey, spanning from illness and relapse to scientific exploration, ultimately leading to a fresh perspective on health.

    Anticancer encapsulates the poignant narrative of a physician’s pursuit of well-being, both within and outside, and concurrently offers a groundbreaking revelation of the roles that lifestyle, environment, and trauma play in our overall health. Drawing upon the latest research in integrative medicine, which blends conventional and alternative methodologies, Servan-Schreiber succinctly elucidates what fuels the growth of cancer cells, what hinders them, and how we can empower ourselves to thwart their proliferation. His guidance includes instructions on crafting a science-based anticancer diet (along with small adjustments that yield significant results), harnessing the advantages of exercise, yoga, and meditation, identifying toxic and unsafe products to eliminate from your household, and combatting the impact of helplessness and unresolved emotional wounds to restore equilibrium.

    Anticancer’s fusion of scientific knowledge and personal narrative signifies a paradigm shift in our comprehension of and confrontation with cancer. This enduring bestseller, which has transformed the lives of millions worldwide, continues to serve as a pioneering and unparalleled resource—an inspiring and revolutionary handbook offering a “new way of life.

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