We invite you to join us for a unique and empowering community event crafted specifically for young cancer survivors who are embarking on the journey of entering or re-entering the job market. This special gathering aims to address the unique challenges and concerns you may face as you navigate this important phase of life post-cancer.

Are you feeling daunted by the prospect of job searching after your cancer experience? You are not alone. Our event is designed to offer you valuable support and practical guidance on how to approach job hunting while effectively managing the inevitable stress that can accompany it.

Discover essential insights and strategies to boost your confidence and success during your job search. Learn how to build a compelling resume that highlights your strengths and unique experiences. Gain valuable tips on interview preparation, including how to address gaps in your employment history and discuss your cancer journey with potential employers.

Moreover, we understand the importance of self-care during this process. Explore self-care strategies specifically tailored to job seekers who are cancer survivors. Learn how to prioritize your well-being and manage stress effectively as you pursue your professional goals.

Don’t miss this empowering event designed with you in mind. Connect with fellow survivors, share experiences, and gain the tools you need to thrive in your job search journey. Together, let’s empower each other to embrace new opportunities and navigate the path forward with resilience and confidence.

  • Date: April 19th
  • Time: 7 PM CET
  • Location: Our Discord Community (join here)

Join us for an inspiring and supportive experience that aims to uplift and empower you on your post-cancer career journey. We look forward to seeing you there!