The workshop aims to deepen discussions on some specific issues of survivorship, which will contribute to shaping upcoming cancer R&I and policy actions. More specifically, they will focus on the provision of AYA care and services as well as improving the understanding and management of late effects for AYA cancers and related treatments.

For the thematic discussions in the afternoon, after the initial introduction by the EC, participants will be split into small groups. Moderators of each group will invite participants to comment on the relevance of the topic, and share their experience, highlighting both challenges and wherever possible also good practice. Ultimately, they aim to identify under each thematic session, specific challenges and gaps, but also examples of successful approaches/initiatives, which could inform the development of future activities of the Cancer Mission. The contribution of survivors should not only reflect their personal experience, but more broadly the specific national (or local) context in which cancer care is/was provided.

As the conclusion of the discussion, each group will be invited to come up with 1-2 recommendations, which will be presented to the entire audience during the closing remarks session.