Many childhood, adolescent or young-adult cancer survivors are facing fertility and intimacy problems due to cancer treatment. How can long-term survivorship care be of help to navigate these challenges? Join the webinar organized by PanCare and hosted by the EU-CAYAS-NET on the 26th of March. Various speakers will share their knowledge and lived experience with these topics.

This webinar will give an in-depth overview of the impact which CAYA cancer treatment could potentially have on fertility and intimacy issues for survivors. How can survivors cope with these challenges? What issues arise when it comes to self love, body image and (intimate) relationships? And how can we as a community of survivors and health care professionals be of support to those who go through feelings of uncertainty, loss, hope and resilience?

Speakers who will contribute during this webinar are long-term survivorship care specialist Dr. Helena van der Pal, gynecologist Simone Broer, nurse practitioner and oncofertility specialist Irene IJgosse  and  Iris Wilmink and Lon van Keulen, who are both survivors and each other’s life partner. The webinar will be hosted by hematologist/oncologist Prof. Dr. Med. Katrin Scheinneman who is also the chair of the PanCare board.

We would like to hear your experiences and perspectives on these topics. We invite survivors and their close ones, healthcare professionals, researchers, and anyone interested in these topics to attend this webinar.

We look forward to seeing you on the 26th of March!

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