EU-CAYAS-NET is thrilled to announce a unique event with our associated partner Krijesnica on our Discord Community Server. This event offers an unparalleled opportunity for connection, support, and empowerment within the community.

About Association Krijesnica

Association Krijesnica, or firefly in Croatian, is dedicated to supporting families and young survivors of cancer through a variety of services and projects:


The association manages two apartments and a newly opened house in Zagreb, providing a haven for parents whose children are undergoing hospital treatment. These accommodations can host up to ten families simultaneously and are available year-round.

Info Centre

The dedicated team at Krijesnica offers mentoring support and advises families about their social and health rights through daily visits to the Children’s Hospital Zagreb. Additionally, support is extended to parents from other clinics via phone, email, or in-person consultations at the office.

Benefits and Translation Services

The association provides numerous benefits for parents, including preferential parking tickets in Zagreb, discounts on Croatian Railways tickets, free tolls, and Croatia Airlines tickets. They also offer translation services for medical documents, facilitate sending medical samples abroad, and provide wigs for children undergoing treatment.

Support Groups

Krijesnica offers group and individual psychological support for parents, a support group for grieving parents, and individual counselling for survivors. Young mentors, who are survivors themselves, connect with children currently undergoing treatment to provide much-needed support.

Little Light of Hope

This project, created by survivors, aims to sensitise students and teachers about malignant diseases and treatments, helping children adapt and recover as best as possible after treatment.

Rehabilitation Camps

Since 2002, the Firefly rehabilitation camp has been held during the summer to improve the overall quality of life for children treated for malignant diseases. The camp provides an opportunity for children to strengthen themselves physically and mentally through creative, sports, and supportive activities based on fun and socialising.

Erasmus+ Balkan Survivors Project

The association’s first Erasmus+ project took place on the coast in Novi Vinodolski. It brought together 55 survivors and their group leaders from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Montenegro, and North Macedonia for an unforgettable eight-day experience filled with fun, sun, and valuable work. The project focused on mapping out problems faced after treatments, highlighting emotional and practical challenges like anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and the notorious “chemo brain.”

This event is a fantastic opportunity to connect with others who understand the journey, gain valuable insights, and enjoy a supportive and uplifting environment. Join us on July 2nd at 7 PM CET in our Discord Community for this special event.